Our mission

To provide basic Language Foundation in the Children for enabling them to pursue mainstream education for future studies and vocation.


Development Oral Communication together with the harmonious growth of the child.
To empower and enable hearing impaired children through access to special education to be productive citizen.
To help hearing impaired children improve their speech skills.
Provide opportunities for educational integration that would eventually lead to social integration.
To assist the hearing impaired child to acquire receptive and expressive language skills.
To facilitate the movement of the students to regular schools so that they can take up higher studies.
To establish support facilities for sport, recreation, excursion, creative and performing arts, social and cultural.



Programmes of the Clinic


Training of the parents through counceling.
Hearing assessment and diagnosis of children.
Selection of hearing aids.
Manufacturing of individualised ear mould in its Ear Mould Laboratory.
Liaison with local schools.
Periodic evaluation.



Our Dream

To make the children know that everyone of them is cherished and has right to a playful childhood, good health and complete education. To let them understand that they are empowered to claim their right to learn, to aspire, to choose values of Courage, Compassion and Wisdom like any other human being. OUR AIM IS TO BE THE WIND UNDER THEIR WINGS AND IF NEEDED GIVE WINGS TO THEIR DORMANT DREAMS.

Efforts of rendering our heartfelt services to a larger number of these special children so that they can take the benefits of the education and become a part of the mainstream of the society- will be the ultimate realization of our DREAM. WE aspire to evolve and expand from our present capacity of 60 (sixty) students to the maximum and do away with constraints like space and funds and give way to a more extensive and interactive learning programme for these special children in our school. To upgrade the school up to class-VIII in the first phase and to Class X standard in the second phase. Our Dream lies intertwined with theirs-interwoven with the same force and strength as theirs.

Bringing in modern methods of imparting knowledge like e-teaching thereby giving way to 'total communication' to the children here is our MISSION.

The Grant-in-Aid that we get from the Ministry of Social Justice & Empowerment, Govt. of India is not sufficient to meet present expenses thus making Fund - the main constraint to grow and expand. Need of more space with more classrooms, dining rooms and playground for our children are few of the immediate goals. Our own building that we purchased in 1996 is having a space of only 152 Sq. Meters. For the above purpose, we need a fund of Rs. 150 Lakhs in the first stage and another Rs. 200 Lakhs in the second phase. We look forward to partnering with like-minded individuals who are keen to devote time or donate funds for this special purpose to promote our mission. We expect some philanthropic organisations to come forward and join hands with us to fulfill this common dream of humane social advancement.