Our Achievements

We could so far to our credit impart more than 200 hearing impaired children who have been integrated into mainstream schools. Each and every year on an average 4 to 5 children passes out from our school in Class - V and join normal schools after giving admission tests of the Board of Secondary Education schools of West Bengal. A plenty of our school children have not only passed out the 10th standard education but have gone for higher studies and completed graduation and post-graduaduation studies from different colleges and universities. Tanima Dutta(Mva,B.Ed),Rinku Bhadra(B.A),Reshmi Basu(B.Sc),Anurupa Ghosh(B.A),Shilpi Bhattacharys(B.A),Abhisikhta Barman(Bva),Riya Dey(Bva),Debomita Biswas(B.Com),Arijit Gswami,Arijit Roy,Subham Bandopadhya,Moumita Basu,Debodrita Dutta,Swastika Jana,Pamela Bhattacharya,Priyanka Ghosh(All passed H.S examinations) and Pritha Pal,Visal Dey,Ananya Dey,Anwesha Pal,Sudip Saha(all passed Madhyamik exams with so many others). Apart from education there are many students who have developed flare in drawings, paintings, dancing and other forms of arts. They have earned recognition winning prizes and high praises from different societies and organisations of West Bengal. Our ex-students Avisikta Burman & Swastik Jana got National Level Award from the President of India for their achievement in Drawings.


  1. Celebration of Birthday of Our Founder Late Miss. Anubhuti Bose every year at our school premises in befitting manner.
  2. Celebration of Saraswati Puja (Goddess of Learning) in our school premises every year where our children with their parents and teachers join together to pray the goddess with full devotion.
  3. Celebration of Independence Day at our school premises where a large number of dignitaries and eminent personalities of the societies attend the Flag hoisting ceremony with full spirit. Our children perform dances, recitals and parents with teacher sing patriotic songs which adds color to the celebrations.
  4. Annual Function is held in a reputed auditorium in Kolkata where our children take part and perform dances, recitals and dance dramas in front of packed auditorium. This function,in general, is inaugurated by State Governor who are invited as Chief Guest.
  5. We take out our children outdoors for excursions once or twice if possibles, in each academic session with their parents so that they can enjoy and relieve themselves of their daily routine.
  6. Children are taken out to different parts of the city on Study Tours by our teachers accompanied by their parents and show them places of interest which hones their talents.
  7. Annual Sports of the school is held every year where all children take part. The parents too take part in some events. Prizes are distributed not only to the winners but to the rest of the children too as consolation prizes so that the loosers do not feel belittled and
Besides above Raksha Bandhan, Teacher's Day, Christmas, Children's day are celebrated in school each and every year.


  1. Dance Classes are held regularly as per routine and it is part of our regular schedule.
  2. Drawing Classes are held as part of our regular classes. The classes are taken as per routine.
  3. Regular Yoga Classes are held as per routine.
  4. Computer Classes are held as part of our regular classes. The classes are taken as per routine. The children of the Primary section are allowed to join the classes and basic knowledge is given here.
  5. Regular Health Check-ups & ENT check-ups are done by Eminent Doctors and ENT Specialists.


Besides education and integration, Rehabilitation to these children being one of our philosophy we try to approach many public/private organisations for the employment of the Children once they complete their education from the normal school. We were successful in getting placements for some of them. Amongst the students who are doing jobs are Arpita Mukherjee, Jhuma Mondal, Tanima Datta, Rinku Bhadra, Soumalya Ghosh, Rituparna Day Sarkar, Anurupa Ghosh, Bidesh Roy, Mohitosh Roy, Manab Chatterjee, Bhaskar Mitra, Joyit Bannerjee, Soumya Sinha, Azizul Haque, Sudipto Pal and a few more.

The school is a voluntary organisation and run by donations / grant.